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Hello and welcome! You can find my themes here, as well as various resources.
MAY.02 -  theme pack: bones
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Hiatus Update

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to be gone for the next six weeks - July 5th through August 18th, and I won’t be able to answer questions/code in that time. 

Goodbye friends; I hope you have a fabulous summer!


Hello! So in this tutorial I’ll be going over three methods to reveal things on click using jQuery. It is recommended that you are at least a little familiar with HTML and CSS. Here’s a preview of the final product.

Banner made by the fabulous Jem!

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Being a successful theme-maker is all about giving your users the ability to customize. Luckily for us, tumblr makes it easy for us theme-makers to do that!

Learning to implement drop down lists in your theme will give your users easy control and a variety of options for their theme. (It also protects you from having to use several checkboxes to toggle through different options for the same element!) I haven’t seen many theme makers include these as of yet, so I’m hoping this tutorial will help a few people out!

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Hey everyone!

My dad told me he’d give me $50 if I didn’t use screens for five days. I’m about to graduate high school, don’t have a job, and am officially enrolled in college, so yes please!

I won’t be here ‘till Sunday.

Theme Pack One - Bones

a collection of five themes, four revamped and one new, all built around the idea of diverse simplistic (bare bones) layouts.

All themes have the option for 400px or 500px wide posts, 500px permalink pages, and at least four custom links. See the individual posts for a full list of features.

(Revamped) Theme 16 - Taylors (info | preview)
(Revamped) Theme 17 - Stradivarious (info | preview)
(Revamped) Theme 21 - Baseball Cap (info | preview)
(Revamped) Theme 22 - Cordrazine (info | preview)
(New!) Theme 28 - Horatio (info | preview)

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Theme 28 - Horatio (static preview, p2, p3, and code)

There are instructions in the theme code. Any questions? Found a glitch? Please, contact me.

If using, please like or reblog.


Menu Dropdown by Fukuo

Live Preview

Hello, there! I am back with a new tutorials—it’s a menu dropdown. I am so happy to share the code I’ve been working on. Be sure to play around with the code and please note that I am not helping with customization nor do I will help you to use this code, you need to have a knowledge with HTML and CSS.

Please note that this might not be supported in all browsers, this is still experimental.

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Sharing some tips and techniques I learned from months of exploring Typography.