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Newest: cotton - revamped
Hello and welcome! You can find my themes here, as well as various resources.
APR.6 -  revamped theme: cotton
DEC.24 -  revamped theme: and ice
NOV.21 -  revamped theme: chaos
NOV.6 -  revamped theme: insane
theme pack one - 55%
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Sharing some tips and techniques I learned from months of exploring Typography. 


Theme 15 - Cotton (static preview, v2, v3, and code)

After revamp:

  • no sidebar image or
  • optional 235px wide sidebar image
  • eight custom links
  • 250px grid/400px/500px posts
  • jump pagination
  • toggle on/off hidden jump pagination
  • fixed audio posts
  • updated quote posts
  • updated link posts
  • 500px permalink page

There are instructions in the theme code. Any questions? Found a glitch? Please, contact me.

If using, please like.

I’m not gone!

Hello all,

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Textures pack #1

  • 50 textures
  • None of these textures are mine. (They’re all credited.)
  • Please like/reblog if downloading
  • .rar download


+ New Year’s Texture Pack  (Da) (Mf)


+ This is my newest pack. It contains 40 textures and it’s a new year’s gift for you guys. It contains a lot of frame textures, vintage, landscapes, flowers and moon things. I hope you like and enjoy! (Feedback is cool) 

: Anonymous

Would you be willing to do a theme commission?


That would depend on the complexity of the theme. If it’s simple and I can code it in a day or two, then yes. I don’t have a lot of spare time right now and wouldn’t want to agree and then leave you hanging.

Can you come off anon with your idea? (I won’t publish your ask if you don’t want me to)

You can always submit ideas for themes, though.

EDIT: I’ve been thinking about it more since posting this, and I’m actually going to say no at this point. If you have ideas for a theme then I’d love to hear them and help you with that, (use them in a new theme with something like ‘requested by _______’ on the post) but as far as actual commissions go I can’t do them right now.

2,000+ pixels, backgrounds, banners!


so i tried to categorize them as best as i could, hopefully guys can find everything. everything pretty much goes with redux themes but you can use for whatever you want.

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Midnight Blue Industrial Grunge Textures [x]